It may seem like a difficult decision at first. Will you decide to hire retail cleaning services for your retail store, or will you and your staff actually take the time to do the store cleaning? Store owners often save time and money when they hire retail cleaning services, but if you choose DIY cleaning, then the following guidelines might be of help so you can keep your shop spotless.

Consumers prefer clean stores, and when they use the store’s bathroom, it has to be clean, or your good reputation could be easily tarnished. Research has proven that shoppers complain to friends and post about negative experiences online much more often than what they communicate about good experiences.

Don’t let them find a reason to complain. Start your daily cleaning process with the restrooms. When the store opens, your customers will find them sparkling. First, use glass cleaner on mirrors and wipe them until they are streak-free. Clean up the sinks and hand fixtures with disinfectant and dry them until they shine. Mop bathroom floors with disinfectant soap and hot water.

Toilets should be cleaned with an anti-bacterial cleaner. Wear rubber gloves, wipe down the toilet seat and rim, then brush the bowl and flush. It’s great to know that you can always hire retail cleaning services if you decide you’re not okay doing this type of dirty work yourself.

Declutter the shop. Clear away any cluttered items that accumulate during the day so shoppers don’t view dusty, cluttered shelves that will give them the perception that the store is unclean and disorganized. Dust shelves and retail products, knowing that a clean appearance means a lot to shoppers.

The dressing rooms will need attention periodically throughout the day. Keep them clean and inviting for your shopping guests. Don’t allow the store to get backed up with piles of clothing on the floor, retail products out of date, boxes laying around or garbage that all makes your store look unkempt.

Are your floors clean and shiny? Will your customers notice you took the extra time and care necessary to make them look so good? If your answer is no, call for retail cleaning services. Just get someone to help! Allow professionals to do the job well, remove scuff marks and buff the floor until it shines. Be sure to watch the carpet for stain treatment and consider replacing flooring if it looks bad.

Finally, welcome your shoppers with clean glass in doors, windows and retail display units for a positive shopping experience.