System4 of Los Angeles West provides facility management services for any size business.

A Los Angeles facility management service is about more than just sweeping and dusting. They can also be highly beneficial in helping with increasing your business and employees productivity.

A facility manager will look at what is being done at the moment, assess all areas, and then present you with an alternative that will increase both morale and productivity across the board.

The first area that will be looked at is the overall cleanliness and tidiness of the work areas.  Coming into work on a Monday morning to a desk still covered and littered with the papers form the Friday before, as well as garbage spilling out of the trash can are not very conducive to morale or productivity.

Studies have shown that workers who are presented with a fresh, tidy, clean workspace will start the day more energized and ready to go.  Work surroundings do pay a very large part in the results you get from your employees—hands down.

Another area that most businesses don’t even think about is the lighting.  Years ago, when fluorescent lighting just hit the market, it was believed to be the only true lighting in a business setting.  Since then, there has been the introduction of LED lights, which when used give the feeling of a more natural lighting.

With this natural lighting comes the feeling of being energized and stimulated.  Studies have shown that LED lighting has shown to improve morale and productivity by leaps and bounds across the board.

Finally, another area that is usually overlooked is the office chair.  It is pretty much a given that when you have to sit in the same uncomfortable chair day after day, it can have an effect on your overall morale.  Since most businesses can not afford to reequip all their employees, they will often look at using what they have on hand.  With the simplest of adjustments to an office chair, you will see an overall change in both morale and productivity.

With the use of a facility management service in Los Angeles, you will not only put your business’s best foot forward, but the service can also help you keep your workers happy and content, which means more productive work done for you.