When your students return to class each year, it is important that they return to a clean and tidy classroom.  Not only does it aid in their overall learning experience, but it can also help keep illness-causing germs at bay.  Keeping a clean classroom is not that hard as long as you keep a few ideas in mind, about specific areas.

Involving the students in the cleaning of the classroom has many benefits.  Not only does it take the pressure off you, the teacher, to teach and clean the room, but it also involves the students in learning life skills they can use later on.  By making each student responsible for a different task, you are helping them to learn responsibility and good clean habits.  And, to be honest, they may even have fun along the way as well.

As a means of giving the students that extra added boost, offer an incentive for a job well done.  Maybe each day, just before the final bell, you could make the cleaning more like a party by adding in a little music.  Putting a trash can between each section of desks will go a long way in preventing all the paper that seems to end up on the floor during the day.  And don’t forget to cover the student’s desks with newspaper, if you are doing an art project involving paint or glue, to make clean up even easier.

When it comes to controlling germs, your best bet is to have each student assigned to a specific area, say their desk and chair, to be wiped down throughout the day.  Don’t forget the door knobs and door handles, as these are the primary suspects when it comes to the transfer of germs.

Finally, if a student is sick, send them to the nurse.  This will head off any possible spreading of illness, and the school nurse can determine if the student needs to be sent home.

Keeping these tips in mind will go a long way to keeping your classroom clean and tidy.  It will also minimize the spread of germs and illness amongst the students, which will give them more days in school to learn.