The Importance Of Having a Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist in Los Angeles WestWhen a customer or client enters your business, everything they see will have one effect or another on how they perceive your business.  Your restrooms play a part in this perception as well.  For this very reason, your janitorial services are just as important as any other area of your business’s operation.

To help to make sure that your restroom reflects positively on you, and not negatively, the creation of a commercial cleaning checklist is a superb idea.  The checklist can be personalized for your particular establishment’s needs and can be one that covers your needs on a daily, weekly and even monthly basis.  Some areas that you will want to include on your checklist may be properly stocking toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels as needed, keeping trash receptacles empty and making sure all surfaces are clean and sanitized, including all handles.

Once you have your commercial cleaning checklist created, you need to make sure that your staff is educated in the areas included on the checklist, and how to properly carry out the janitorial services.  One of the most important areas that your staff needs to be trained in is that of the difference between cleaning and sanitizing.  These areas are completely different, and as such follow very different protocols on their executions.  Cleaning is the process of wiping off the surface dirt, whereas sanitizing is the fighting of germs and viruses.

Once you have your list, and your staff trained, it is important that your staff remains diligent in making sure the areas listed on the checklist are taken care of.  Once the first, deep cleaning is achieved, from then on out it will just be a matter of maintaining your restroom’s cleanliness.  The time you spend in the beginning will reflect in your cost of both time and supplies down the road.

It is worth mentioning here that studies have shown that employees who are delegated their companies janitorial services have shown to suffer from drops in both moral and productivity.  For this reason, it would be in your best interest to consider the possibility of hiring a commercial cleaning service for your janitorial services.  You can still implement a commercial cleaning checklist even though you are farming out your janitorial needs.  This will just further aid in your needs being met to your expectations.