When considering the idea of hiring out their medical facility cleaning, many facility managers assume that the cost would be too prohibitive  They are under the impression that handling their facilities janitorial cleaning themselves is more cost effective.  However, when they really look at the costs, hired out versus in-house, they find that the case is in fact opposite.

Other than the savings, there are other reasons as to why hiring out your medical facility cleaning is the right step for any business, and we will take a look at the three most popular reasons below.


With almost all businesses, an image is everything.  However when it comes to a medical related facility image is probably in the top two second only to service.  Having a clean and sanitized building is crucial when it comes to how your patients or clients perceive your business.  This is where hiring out a janitorial cleaning service for your medical facility cleaning can really pay off in the long run.  By hiring a service you have peace of mind that the personnel cleaning your facility have been trained specifically to your needs.  Sanitation and proper protocols must be met, and they are trained to do just that.


Any cleaning service can tell you they can adequately clean your facility, but when it comes to medical facility cleaning adequate just does not get it done.  There are proper protocols and requirements involving sanitation and disinfecting that are in place to prevent cross-contamination.  Knowledge of how to work around bloodborne pathogens is another area in which the service will need to have trained their personnel.  If the cleaning of your facility is not handled properly, and cross-contamination does occur, then that is a whole other problem area that you will be dealing with.


Medical facilities tend to just that—medical related illnesses.  Because of this fact is it of utmost importance that the janitorial service that you hire, to handle your medical facility cleaning, has trained their personnel in the proper methods and protocols of sanitizing and disinfecting.  Although this is more important during the winter cold and flu months, sanitation and disinfecting must be done on a daily basis.  Your staff, patients, and visitors rely on you to have a properly cleaned and germ-free facility—and you depend on your janitorial service to make that possible.