Anyone who has ever had their own business is more than willing to attest to the fact that keeping an eye on and tracking the company’s expense can be a most daunting task.  Let’s admit it, the whole purpose of having your own business is to make money and in the same vein keeping as much of that money as possible.  This essentially means keeping your expenses to as few expenses as possible to achieve this goal.

In this same effort to try and save on expenses, many businesses take the route of keeping their janitorial services in house, instead of hiring a commercial cleaning service.  What they learn is that by delegating their business’s cleaning needs to their current staff, is that the decision is both ineffective and inefficient in the promotion of their company.  It is important to remember that your business only gets one opportunity for a first impression from your customers and clients, and you do not want this very crucial piece of the puzzle to hinge on whether or not your staff can get the job done.

To truly understand how beneficial and vital the outsourcing of a commercial cleaning service is to your business, a look at some pros and cons on the subject may better aide you making a decision.  The advantages of using an outside cleaning service are many; however, the more important and obvious ones are:

  • With the hiring of a cleaning service, you will not be required to supply the cleaning materials needed to get the job done.  This in itself will not only save you money, but you will not be required to dedicate a space to store the supplies on-site either.
  • A cleaning service will be there when you need them—daily, weekly, or monthly.  And in some cases, they are available for rush or emergency cleanings a well.
  • You will know that your business is getting cleaned and not have to take the time to oversee the workers in their cleaning.

On the other hand, let’s look at some of the cons that keeping your cleaning service in-house may present for your business:

  • When delegating your current staff to clean, you must realize that they will not be as motivated and detail-oriented as a commercial service will be.
  • When using your staff, you will be pulling them away from the actual jobs they were initially employed to perform, so that they may have the time to get the cleaning that is needing to be done.
  • You will need to prove the cleaning supplies, causing not only an extra added expense but also the necessity of setting aside an area in which to keep them stored.

When making any decision, and even more so one that will affect your company’s bottom line, it is in your best interest to sit down with pen and paper and make a list of the pros and cons.  This same logic applies when deciding on the outsourcing of a commercial cleaning service.  You are in the business to make money, and anything that may cut into and affect your bottom line must be considered and given the due diligence it demands.  You will be glad you took the time in the end.