Admittedly, every aspect of your business is crucial to its overall success.  However, there are some areas that tend to be overlooked, that play as important of a role in that very success than many realize.  As such, when outsourcing your office cleaning needs, four areas need to be considered.

Keeping this in mind, it is suggested that a checklist be decided upon by both you and the outsourced service in the effort to make sure that the cleaning that you feel needs to be done is actually getting done.  Those areas of importance are:

  1. Breakrooms

Breakrooms, when kept tidy, can prove to have a significant impact on your bottom line.  They are a place where employees can relax and enjoy a little downtime during their lunch break.  They have to option of enjoying a tasty lunch or just reading a book with a cup of coffee.  Some steps to take to ensure a clean breakroom include:

  • Make sure that the refrigerator is emptied of all unclaimed items on a regular, if not weekly, basis. 
  • After emptying the refrigerator, make sure to wipe it down and disinfect all areas of it, including any bins, shelves, and door cubbies.
  • Wipe down and disinfect all the countertops and make sure to clean the coffee maker daily.
  • Wash and put away any and all dishes or coffee mugs, and wipe down and disinfect the sink and all areas around it.
  • Make sure to sweep and mop all the floors thoroughly.

Office Spaces

The office space, where your employees spend the majority of their days, is the very nerve center of your business.  This is why this area needs to be kept, both tidy and clean at all times.  Studies have shown that when the work area is not maintained, employee morale suffers, which in turn causes production to suffer.

  • Make sure to dust and wipe clean all of the hard surfaces, including desk, shelves, and any cabinets.
  • Keep trash cans emptied, and wipe down well before replacing their liners.
  • Dust any computer equipment, making sure to pay close attention to monitors and keyboards.
  • Any surfaces that are used daily need to be disinfected — such items as desks, telephones, chairs, and the earpieces on phones.
  • Clean any windows or reflective services, making sure they sparkle and shine.
  • Vacuum the carpet, and if there is tile or hardwood, make sure to mop these areas.

Reception Area/Lobby

The reception area, or lobby, is perhaps the most crucial area of your business.  This area creates your client’s or customer’s first impression, as it is their initial exposure to your business.  You can never make another first impression, which is why this area needs to be cleaned and maintained as often as possible.

  • Make sure to dust, sweep, or mop anything and everything when it needs to be done, preferably several times a day.
  • If your entrance has glass doors or windows, clean them on both sides, making sure that they sparkle and shine.
  • Keep all trash receptacles empty, and don’t let trash accumulate and spillover.
  • Take time to both wipe down and disinfect the reception desk, the counter, and the telephone.
  • Dust any tables, lamps, chair arms, or vents in the area.
  • Vacuum the carpets, and if there is tile or hardwood, make sure to mop these areas.


Many business owners are unaware of the fact that clients and customers will base much of their opinion of your business on how tidy and clean your bathrooms are.  It may seem silly, but the public places a company in high regard if the bathrooms are well kept.

  • Make sure that the trash cans are emptied regularly, wiped down, disinfected, and replace with new liners.
  • All sinks, dispensers, and hand dryers need to we wiped down and disinfected.
  • Don’t forget to wipe down and disinfect paper dispensers and toilet seats as well.
  • Using an appropriate cleaner, brush, and scrub all the toilet bowls.
  • Wipe and clean all mirrors, making them sparkle and shine.
  • Make sure to refill all the dispensers, such as toilet paper, paper towels, and soap.
  • Mope all the floors, and tile, with the proper disinfecting solution.

By taking the time from the beginning to make sure what you expect of your office cleaning service, you will be better able to prevent any misunderstandings and confusion.  With both parties on the same page and a clear plan of execution, your office will be clean and tidy in no time.