The clock has sprung forward, and the days are getting longer.  Many business owners know what this time means—the need for a thorough deep office cleaning.  I know, I know, we all dread it, but we also know it has to be done.  If you have maintained a routine cleaning schedule throughout the year, now is when you can take that cleaning routine to the next level.

Now, you are probably asking yourself, just how does deep cleaning differ that much from the usual routine cleaning that is done throughout the year?  To answer this essential question, let’s take a look at the areas that are in need of attention and how to get the cleaning done.  For the purpose of this information, we will work from the ceiling downward.

The first areas to tackle are those of any and all light fixtures and vents that may be present.  By starting here, you will be performing what is termed in the cleaning industry as a high dusting.  As you move down the walls, you will need to make sure to vacuum any blinds or drapes.  You will also need to make sure that you dust and clean the windowsills as well as their tracks.

Your next area will be that of the walls.  You will need to dust them from top to bottom, making sure that you get any of the light fixtures as well.  Next, you will need to dust and clean all of the doors, from over top of the door itself, all the way down to the floor.  Make sure that you do not forget to clean any and all doorknobs and handles. You will finish this area off by making sure to dust and clean all the trim around the doors, paying close attention to the edges of the trim as well.

For this area, you will get to flex your muscles just a bit.  Move every piece of furniture out from around the walls.  Make sure to leave yourself sufficient room and space to work.  After moving the furniture, you will proceed to thoroughly sweep any carpet, or scrub any tile or woodwork.  As the baseboards and trim behind the furniture are most probably not included in your regular cleaning routine, now is the perfect time to give them a good dusting and cleaning.

Next up on the list is that of desks and tables.  After having your employees remove everything from their desks, you can then proceed to dust and clean them, making sure to get underneath and down the legs as well.  Make sure to dust and clean any equipment, including keyboards, computers, and screens.

Finally, you will need to deep clean the bathrooms.  Although you include the cleaning of bathrooms in your usual routine, now is the best time to give your walls, toilets, and sinks a good cleaning and sanitization.  It would also go a long way to use a floor scrubbing machine to aid in further elimination of any lingering urine odors.

Although a routine schedule for your office cleaning is vital, there are additional in-depth cleaning of areas that need to be remembered and performed.