Going to work each day, for long hours at a time, can be hard enough.  But having to deal with air quality on top of that can make an already stressful job even more so.  It is no secret that when you cram so many individuals into such a small space, for long hours, and extended days, that air quality is going to suffer.

The main reasons this happens is because of the accumulation and buildup of dust, dirt, and debris.  This is why, for the best possible air quality in your office, you should call on a commercial cleaning company.  The perfect choice is System4 Los Angeles West.

The relationship of air quality to office cleaning is not a new concept.  In fact, there is a term that is used in conjunction with the effects that are experienced—Sick Building Syndrome.  Symptoms of this can include headaches, issues of a respiratory nature, fever, and coughing.

Some steps and methods can be taken and put to use that can ease the pains of Sick Building Syndrome and, in turn, create healthier air quality in your office.

1.  Load Up On Plants

Plants can not only brighten up an otherwise dreary workspace, but they have also proven to be quite the little mood lifter as well.  Just the process of sitting a few here and there can really change the overall feel of a workspace.  However, they are for more than looking at as it turns out.  Plants, by their very nature, absorb all the toxins in the air and churn out oxygen.  So, when it comes to air quality, these are the perfect additions to your office space.

2.  Humidifiers

Humidity, as it turns out, has a significant role to play when it comes to overall air quality.  And as such, a humidifier can be your best ally in this very battle.  When left unchecked, such allergens as dust mites and mold can have a significant effect on air quality.  However, by keeping the humidity at 30-50 percent in your workspace, you will go a long way to keeping allergens down and air quality up.

3.  Filtering Air

Properly maintained air filters could also prove to be another ally in the war on poor air quality.  By making sure to keep your air filters on a routine maintenance schedule, you will keep down the occurrence of dust and debris buildup.  As a rule, it is suggested all air filters be changed and replaced at least every 6-12 months.

4.  Cleaning Schedule

By setting and maintaining a routine cleaning schedule, you will be aiding in the proper level of air quality.  By routinely vacuuming, dusting, and sanitizing, you will be assuring that the buildup of air pollutants will be kept to a minimum.  It is also suggested that garbage is not left to accumulate and is disposed of frequently.

5.  Air Vents

It is crucial that any air vents in your workspace are not blocked by furniture, such as desks or cabinets.  When these vents are blocked, proper airflow is prevented, which can lead to a decrease in air quality as well.

With the performance of proper commercial cleaning, you are sure to improve the air quality in your office or workspace.  This will prove to lead to happier and healthy employees as well.