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With the recent coronavirus pandemic that swept the globe, and the resultant lockdown, the workaday world as we know it has changed.  However, the lockdowns are now slowly lifting, and with that comes the need for commercial cleaning of many businesses.

As businesses work to get back to their regular routine, safety and sanitation are at the forefront of many employees’ minds.  The workforce of yesterday is not that of today—as many have become accustomed to working from home.  As a result, this in itself will make it difficult for employers to coax their workforce back into the office environment.

Many employees will be taking a step back and reevaluating their priorities.  As their employer, this is where you come into the scene.  It will be your job to provide them with the reassurance of a safe, welcome, and healthy workplace to which they may transition back.

Smoking Ban

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a statement that banning smoking in the workplace has resulted in a better quality of health for most Americans.  As company after company, and facility after facility, have jumped on the decision, many have put into effect full smoking bans in their building as well as on their campuses.  They have provided designated smoking areas set far enough from the building’s entries to prevent the entry of smoke and to prevent others from having to walk through it.

HVAC Maintenance

The indoor air quality of a building and its workspace, as officially reported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has been linked to causing several illnesses, such as asthma.  For this reason, you must have a set maintenance schedule for your building’s HVAC.  The system needs regular cleaning, as well as seeing to the replacement of the system’s filter.  The quality of the intake outside air needs regularly evaluated to ensure it is of optimal quality.

Water Stations

The proper amount of water intake, and hydration thereof, is a significant health concern for many employees, and as a caring employer, this should be a concern for you as well.  The recent movement away from disposable water bottles has prompted many employers to take action.  Many employers have taken to sitting up water stations or providing ice/water dispensers with an emphasis on refillable water bottles.  However, these items need to be on a regular schedule to maintenance and change or replace filters.  By keeping your water stations in top-notch condition, you will assure that water is always available for your employees, and at the highest quality possible.

Cleaning Protocols

Before your employees return, it will be essential that your entire facility is cleaned and sanitized.  When considering the materials to use for this project, it is suggested that now is the time to transition to those items with safer, if not green, ingredients.  You should also take the opportunity to update your staff about your cleaning protocols and introduce a routine cleaning schedule.  This will ensure that the new improvements are forefront in their minds as your employees begin returning to the office workplace environment.

The recent introduction of the coronavirus pandemic into our every day works lives only serves to remind us that commercial cleaning is of utmost importance.  However, other areas need to be remembered and covered if your employees are going to experience well-being as they return to their workplace.